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Business planning tools

These tools will help you understand the fundamentals of your business and prepare an actionable, easy to follow business plan.

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Step-By-Step instructions

Each tool comes with detailed step-by-step instructions explaining how and why to use the tool. Moreover, the documents are written in easy to understand language.

Action workbooks

The main part of each tool is an actionable workbook or Excel data spreadsheet. These are tailored for multi-purpose use – both on touch devices and for printing.

Tool of the month

Understand your business

Know your customers’ stories and apply them to your marketing. Estimate and validate your business idea.

All planning tools

You can try each of our instruments in some form before you decide to buy it. Free of charge. In exchange for your email.

100% No-Risk or Try before buy

You risk nothing by buying from us. You can try most of our documents for free. Just download the Sample Toolbox. And later you can decide if you’re up for it.

Support, updates and Facebook group

With each of our products, you not only get friendly support, but also regular updates and access to a private Facebook group.

Take the future of your business into your own hands

Get straightforward, easy-to-understand tools for planning, monitoring and analysing your business with a clear goal – to grow.