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Michael Norton

“I never knew that I would need something like this and that I would even buy multiple tools. E-commerce auditing and monitoring convinced me. And that’s how it all started. If I can advise you, try it too. You will be thrilled.”

“At first, I only bought the e-book. But the topic of performance enhancement intrigued me so much that I decided to deploy a real measurement as well. At the beginning I used an online app, but the price was too high and I couldn’t connect the necessary analytical tools to it. This simple Excel document solved that and now I have everything in one place. I fill it out on a monthly basis I enjoy watching my curves go in the right direction.”


on E-commerce audit and monitoring

“I started offering products through vendors, specifically sales reps. I needed a tool to control their efficiency, as this was a new and significant cost to my business. The sales performance dashboard suited me perfectly. I don’t have to study economics books because everything is explained in human language in the accompanying document. I can see all the important efficiency metrics of my vendors in one place and live with the good feeling that I have everything under control.”


on Sales performance dashboard

“I have a company with 30 employees, but my marketing is outsourced between 5 suppliers. Over time I have lost control of activities and projects. Especially the ones that required vendor interaction. I tried different applications but they were complicated to set up and most importantly expensive. I am extremely happy with this product. It is inexpensive, easy to use, I have shared it amongst contractors and I am in control. When I need to, I can filter out a project or just unfinished tasks and I can figure out where the problem is. I recommend it!”


on Marketing strategy and performance

“I like everything to be in order. Especially in subscription products, which I regularly forget to renew. So I was looking for a solution to manage my digital assets. Since there was nothing on the market, I tried my own list, but I couldn’t program it in a way that wasn’t cumbersome and at the same time showed relevant information. Luckily, in the meantime Futur Digital developed a Digital Assets Management tool that is super easy to work with and very nice to look at.”


on Digital Assets management

“There is a lot of information on the internet regarding business indicators. But there is less about SaaS, and certainly not concentrated in one place. This e-book solved my problem. I found in it not only a clear explanation of SaaS metrics, but also other economic metrics that are critical to entrepreneurship as a whole. I recommend it!”


on SAAS audit and monitoring

“Toolbox is a great tool. Especially if you want to know what works and how it works and why it works that way! Thanks to this tool, I have gained a lot of new insights that I have incorporated into my marketing strategies and taken my business a leap higher again. And the price? This one is incredibly low for all that this tool offers. If you haven’t already, go for it.”


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Day-to-day management of your business

“I hate working with data. I never liked economics, numbers, formulas, tables and graphs. In business, I found that I couldn’t do without these things. I was looking for a way to make it as simple as possible. Analyze bundle helped me a lot. It contains neatly compiled data that you can easily use in the day-to-day management of your business.”



on Analyze bundle

Just pour the raw data into the spreadsheets

“Working with data is challenging in itself. You need to develop the right way to collect data, procedures to evaluate it and what to look for in it. The Analyze package helped me to discover what was important in my data. The advantage is that you just pour the raw data into the spreadsheets and everything else will compute itself. And you can see the result in clear charts. Perfect for me.”



on Analyze bundle

First results are already starting to show

“This e-book opened my eyes. I finally know exactly which indicators to follow and how I can improve them. There are quite a few, but I’m going one by one, learning and putting all the knowledge into practice. And the best thing about this whole process is that the first results are already starting to show.”



on E-commerce audit and monitoring

E-book is not boring at all

“E-commerce auditing and monitoring is a really long e-book. But what I have to say right off the bat, the e-book is not boring at all. I’m reading it chapter by chapter. I started with what I am most interested in and what I think has the most benefit for my clients’ business. And the best part is that the e-book comes with an Airtable, which I can use to easily find out what marketing methods the e-shop is already using and what will help them improve in each area.”



on E-commerce audit and monitoring

Simple, easy to use and with instant results

“Doing business on the internet is sometimes overwhelming. The amount of products, the customers, the amount of different statistics and ratings. Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in it. That’s when I need a simple tool to give me perspective. And that’s exactly what this dashboard is. Simple, easy to use and with instant results. I recommend it.”



on Sales success dashboard

Through the eyes of the customer

“As the competition grew, my sales began to decline. I decided to analyze the situation and understand why this was happening. Thanks to Understand Your Business by Futur Digital, I revised my business idea, but most importantly I started to look at it more through the eyes of the customer. I revised my copywriting, started writing a blog and creating a community. Framework helped me a lot.



on Understand your business

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