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E-commerce audit and monitoring (dashboard + guide)

Get an overview of all important e-commerce metrics in one place and improve your business

Join 200+ satisfied customers
who are improving their e-commerce business

All important metrics in one clear dashboard

We offer you a clear dashboard with all 19 of our recommended metrics that you should be tracking for your e-commerce growth.

Comparison of metrics with plan and industry benchmarks

On the dashboard, you’ll find a comparison of each metric against your own plan, but also against industry benchmarks.

Very easy to use, saves time and money

An automated solution that processes basic data and transforms it into clear dashboards. Fast, clear and inexpensive.

“Tracking the performance of your own business is an essential part of its success.”

In the E-commerce audit and monitoring e-book you have learned which KPIs are good to plan and monitor, what they indicate and how to improve them.

There are various tools for planning and monitoring KPIs. Some are at the ERP system level, some are external applications. However, if you are starting your business and don’t have the budget for expensive tools, we have prepared a simple document for you.

Just enter the basic data and the document will do all the calculations for you. You can also compare your results with industry standards (if the data was available) and your own, easy to customize plans.

All important metrics in one clear dashboard

Perspective is the most important thing in business. That’s why we offer you a clear dashboard of all 19 e-commerce indicators. And if you want, you can look at detailed monthly evaluations of every single indicator.

“We use this dashboard for several of our clients. It helps us to keep on top of key metrics and explain to clients in a simple way what is happening in their business and what they need to do to improve it.”

Carlo, Digital marketing agency

Central dashboard with all metrics in one place, including benchmarks
Specific type of metrics with detail and information on actual progress against plan

Comparison of metrics with plan and industry benchmarks

The indicators themselves are useless without comparison. That’s why we allow you to create a plan for each one of them and also compare them to the industry benchmark. Compare and grow.


For each current value, you can very easily create a plan for what you want to achieve.

Industry benchmarks

For metrics, where possible, we also prepared industry benchmarks. So that you can easily compare the performance of your business.

Very easy to use, saves time and money

Export simple data from your e-commerce platform, ERP system or advertising platform, paste it into the correct column in our dashboard. Everything else will happen automatically. Fast and easy. As you would expect.

Other benefits

Saves your time – All indicators calculated in one place, just enter basic data

Saves your money – Price of this Excel app is fractional compared to other solutions on the market

Shows the evolution of your business over time – motivates you to continuous improvement of your business

Easy way to enter current data and plans

All important features

Clear dashboard

All tracked indicators and options to select month and industry in one place.

Traffic Analysis

Users, Sessions, Bounce rate.

Advertising Analysis

Ad clicks, Media spend, Cost per click, Cost per action, Cost per mille, Click-through rate, Impressions, Egagement rate.

Efficiency Analysis

Average order value, Conversions, Conversion rate.

Economic Analysis

Revenue, Return on investment, Return on ad spend, Customer lifetime value, Closing ratio.

Detailed charts of metrics

Detailed graph for each single metric – evolution of the metric throughout the year and comparison with the plan.


You can filter the Dashboard by month and industry.


You are the sole owner of your business data. That’s why our solution is one of the most secure.

What you get

The tool includes an e-book guide in PDF format, which contains detailed description of each dashboard feature. And of course the dashboard itself in XLSX or XSM format. To use it, you will need Microsoft Office 2016+ or Microsoft Office 365.

PDF e-book

You can open the PDF in freely available applications such as Acrobat PDF reader or in your browser.

Macro-free sheet

The macro-free version includes most of the dashboard features. We recommend using it if the macro version does not work for any reason (e.g. firewall).

3 currencies

We have prepared the Excel sheet for you in 3 different, most commonly used currencies, but you can also customize it. Out of the box we offer you a sheet for USD, EUR and GBP.

What people say about this E-commerce dashboard

Jurgen, e-commerce owner

“A simple and clear Excel document where I have everything I need. I got the input data from my e-shop and analytics tools. The document processed it into clear metrics. Great to have everything in one place.”


E-commerce owner

Célia, entrepreneur

“At first, I only bought the e-book. But the topic of performance enhancement intrigued me so much that I decided to deploy a real measurement as well. At the beginning I used an online app, but the price was too high and I couldn’t connect the necessary analytical tools to it. This simple Excel document solved that and now I have everything in one place. I fill it out on a monthly basis I enjoy watching my curves go in the right direction.”



“This tool is one of the best I have ever bought. It is not fully automatic (I have to pull data from individual platforms myself), but it is very inexpensive and offers a perfect price/performance ratio.”


Small e-commerce owner

“We use this dashboard for several of our clients. It helps us to keep on top of key metrics and explain to clients in a simple way what is happening in their business and what they need to do to improve it. It’s also a way for us to show them in a simple way what the standard is in their industry.”


Digital marketing agency

Join 200+ satisfied customers
who are improving their e-commerce business

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Frequently asked questions

Do I get a lifetime license when I buy the product?

Yes exactly. The license to use the product is unlimited in time and location. By purchasing the product you will also receive lifetime updates.

Can I use the tool for all my projects?

Yes definitely, as long as they are covered under one legal entity. If you would like to use the tool across multiple companies, each company should have its own license.

Can I sell the tool to my clients?

The license to use the tool does not allow its resale commercially. If you would be interested in selling our product, you can write to us and promote our product as an affiliate for a commission on sales.

Where can I download the tool? Can you send it to my email?

After paying the purchase price using the Gumroad platform, you will get direct access to the product directly on the platform. You can download the latest version immediately here. Whenever we release a new version, we will send you a notification.

How often do you update the tool? How do I get the latest version?

Whenever we discover or you send us a bug, but also when we add new features. Updates are generally available 4 times a year. We will send you a notification about the latest version via Gumroad and you can also download it directly on the platform.

What software do I need to use the tool?

To take full advantage of the Sales Performance Dashboard, you’ll need Microsoft Office 2016+ or Microsoft Office 365 (compatible with both Windows and macOS versions). In addition, you also need a standard PDF document viewer.

Is it possible to customize the tool to my own corporate colors?

Yes of course. You can customize the overall appearance of the dashboard directly in Microsoft Office. You can change not only the colors, but also the tool logo itself.

Is it possible to customize the tool to our data model?

Yeah. You can customize the Dashboard in any way you like and adapt it to your data model. The prerequisite is, of course, a deeper knowledge of Microsoft Office. If you cannot customize our tool yourself, we offer a customization service.

Join 200+ satisfied customers
who are improving their e-commerce business

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