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Helping businesses grow

We help companies understand the core of their business, audit the current state, monitor change and leverage business relationships for future growth.

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Our Founding Story

Róbert worked in the past as a brand manager of a multinational corporation. In his work, he used various reporting tools that made it easier for him to manage a large team of sales reps.

Through collaborative discussions with his friend Peter, who founded a digital agency in 2008, they discovered that a very large percentage of business owners don’t understand the core of their business. They don’t know how to create a sustainable business plan, how to audit and monitor the results of their business, and how to understand the relationships between its various components.

So they decided to use their experience in economics and marketing to create a collection of business-effective tools that they called Toolbox.

Introducing Toolbox

Toolbox is not a collection of random tools for your business. They are specifically designed tools, built on years of experience in economics and marketing, to help your business grow continuously.

All of our tools are realistically tested on dozens of our clients. They are designed with ease of use in mind. They all include step-by-step instructions, clear visual elements, and bring a large amount of fanstastic, perfectly usable data out of a small amount of information.

Moreover, they can be used in different ways. On desktop, mobile, tablet. And you can even print them easily (customized for printing).

Want to try them for free? Download the free Toolbox sample and try it out for your particular case.

Toolbox characteristics

Easy to understand

We will create tools that are written in human language and understandable at first use.


We can make the most of even a small amount of valuable information. In a clear form.

Visual elements

We use thoughtful visuals to make relationships and changes easy to understand.

Step by step

All our instructions are created in steps. So that they are actionable and therefore usable.


You can customize your documents not only with a filter, but also by customizing the data model.

Adapted for different devices

All our documents are tailored for different devices. You can use them on touchscreen devices and print them out.

Authors of the Toolbox

Róbert Tomly


Peter Hrnčiar

Marketing consultant

Take the future of your business into your own hands

Get straightforward, easy-to-understand tools for planning, monitoring and analysing your business with a clear goal – to grow.