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We offer tools to help you effectively plan your business, regularly monitor the status of your results, and data tools to better understand the relationships between the different components of your business. With an important goal – to grow.

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Sales performance dashboard

Get a complete overview of your sales performance, increase your sales effeciency and customer satisfaction.

Since 2008, we have helped hundreds of companies set the foundations of their business

In our digital agency we meet with hundreds of business owners. Most of them share the same problem. They don’t know how to plan their business, don’t know how to measure its performance, and finally they don’t understand the relationship between various economic indicators and marketing and other growth opportunities. We decided to change that and help their businesses grow. Toolbox was born.

Find out how we can help your business grow

Most entrepreneurs don’t have a plan before going into business. Nor do they monitor their results and understand the reasons for their success or failure. Without this data, they are unable to move forward and grow.

Business planning

Understand the foundation of your business and create a plan for its future. A workable plan to help you move forward and grow.

Business monitoring

Create a milestone for your current state and monitor your business regularly. All important economic indicators.

Business data

Understand the relationships between the different components of your business and leverage them for your growth.


Toolbox is not just about theory. On the contrary, it contains a collection of quick and easy-to-use tools to help you get started, move forward and grow.

PDF documents

Clearly designed e-books and workbooks optimised for touch devices and print.

Excel Spreadsheets

Easy to use spreadsheets with detailed charts that get the most out of your data.


Action documents created via Airtable. Suitable for evaluation and audits.

What people say about Toolbox

Michael norton

“I never knew that I would need something like this and that I would even buy multiple tools. E-commerce auditing and monitoring convinced me. And that’s how it all started. If I can advise you, try it too. You will be thrilled.”

Michael Norton
Customer Filip who bought Understand you business

“I decided to close my e-shop and create a new one that would take into account all UX standards. Thanks to Futur’s Understand Your Business framework, I was able to write all the texts for the e-shop, blog, as well as prepare the content for social media marketing.”


on Understand your business

Customer Célia who bought E-commerce audit and monitoring

“At first, I only bought the e-book. But the topic of performance enhancement intrigued me so much that I decided to deploy a real measurement as well. At the beginning I used an online app, but the price was too high and I couldn’t connect the necessary analytical tools to it. This simple Excel document solved that and now I have everything in one place. I fill it out on a monthly basis I enjoy watching my curves go in the right direction.”


on E-commerce audit and monitoring (dashboard)

Customer Rusty who bought Sales performance dashboard

“I started offering products through vendors, specifically sales reps. I needed a tool to control their efficiency, as this was a new and significant cost to my business. The sales performance dashboard suited me perfectly. I don’t have to study economics books because everything is explained in human language in the accompanying document. I can see all the important efficiency metrics of my vendors in one place and live with the good feeling that I have everything under control.”


on Sales performance dashboard

Customer Phillip who bought Digital assets management

“I have been buying digital assets for years. In that time I’ve lost track of what I own and how much it costs me. I bought the Digital Assets Management tool and invested a few moments to add everything back in. I was horrified to discover how much money I had locked up in assets and how much of it was completely wasted. It’s a super simple and straightforward excel app and I enjoy working with it. I definitely recommend it.”


on Digital assets management

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